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Tomorrow is February 1st. Naturally, Valentine’s Day is about to be shoved down our media-consuming throats.

Even as an engaged woman, I can only hear Celine Dion or Marvin Gaye croon about true love (or true getting it on) so many times before I want to rip my ears off and throw them in an empty box of Ferrero Rochers.

For those who feel the same, I have created the Un-Valentines Spotify Playlist. With FOE, Supergass, La Roux, Kate Nash, The Hives, Caesars and more at your disposal, this playlist should be able to get you through the month without feeling like you need to find a boyfriend or watch The Notebook.

And, because I feel like writing infomercial-style, POPULAR LYRICS INCLUDE…
“My worst mistake was that I never let you down…”
“There’s a breeze in the tree singing ‘your black heart, your black heart needs a transplant’…”
“Get your head out of the sand, but it’s too late…”
“It starts out easy, something simple, something sleazy, something inching past the edge of the reserve….”
“I’ll never let you sweep me off my feet…”

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The Industry London
After five years of business, last week marked the beginning of Fashion Business Club‘s new reign as “The Industry“. Though it has been fully rebranded, the purpose remains the same: a members only group of industry insiders with networking on the mind.

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

What better way to kick off the first meeting than with Rebekah Roy (fashion stylist who has worked with everyone from Erin O’Connor to Kate Moss) interviewing super-songstress Kate Nash (who showed up in my dream pair of Terry de Havilland heels).

During the meeting, Kate spoke not only about her style, but about the overall perception and image of women in the music industry. With packaged pop stars usually ‘forced’ to look a certain way, Nash spoke of the frustration that lies with younger girls telling her that they can’t be a popstar without (a false notion of) beauty. The London-raised musician isn’t interested in the exploitation of her sexuality, and thankfully experiences a sort of entitlement to dress the way her mood steers her because of a sexist reality: she is a woman who writes her own music.

Kate Nash Fashion Stylist

Rebekah Roy and Kate Nash

It was an intriguing and inspiring way to kick off the new era of The Industry. You will be able to see the interview next week, exclusively, on Harper’s Bazaar UK.