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I have started to realise that my free days (aka days spent out of meetings but in my office) are controlled by comfort. It is a cardinal freelancer sin that I love to break. Though so-called ‘work attire’ is supposed to motivate you into a business frame of mind, nothing makes me getter done like easy separates that are sunshine ready.

And yes, I look like I don’t have eyeballs in these photos.

What I Wore: Handmade floral shorts (similar here), old baby pink dress from Topshop – worn as a top (similar here), and platform sandals from TK Maxx.
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floral print trousers
After deciding to spend the entire day parading around in a skirt, the weather decided to hang out at roughly 8°C since I left the house today. Turns out, it was a lucky misfortune. What better opportunity/excuse could there be to buy some floral-print trousers?

(Pictured: MTV print tee, H&M cigarette pants, and handmade heels. Though I kind of want to add these and these to my collection, now…)

P.S. Excuse the office/bomb site.

London Fog

She’s a caged animal
London by night
Crashing lights and cymbals
Queens of twilight
Noisettes, “Sister Rosetta”

London was pretty much encapsulated by fog today. Feeling all Hogwarts on me.

Foggy black t-shirt – worn as dress – from Target, foggy wood/leather platforms from Buffalo London, foggy braided bracelets from Cara Collection (my current obsession).
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