Sparkly Blazer

No one can say nothing,
Which I guess means they’ll say something,
But I won’t be around.
I’ll be in my tree,
Living free,
As any child would wanna be.
– “Living in a tree”, Priscilla Ahn

Hola, chiquita bonitas. Welcome to my bedhead. Speaking of hair, after an extraordinarily gruesome dye job (no names named) which caused major damage to my mane, going blonde as originally intended was completely ruled out. Alternative to blonde? Some not-so-harsh dark hair dye to compliment some hair rehabilitation.

Today I’m wearing: sparkly silver blazer from Forever 21 (a few years ago) over a translucent white cardigan that I left in brown fabric dye for roughly 7 minutes, stretch-fit leather pants from Thailand, and some handmade Lita-esque platform boots.
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Blue Dress

There’s a picture that she paints without a brush
There are times when all her silver turns to dust
And she is blue as a jewel
Clear as ice kind and cruel
– Be Bop Deluxe, “Blue As A Jewel”

Though I love photography, I have yet to master the self portrait. WOOPS. Here is an Outfit of The Day for you, anyway, lovely gentlemen and gentlewomen.

Dress: Stall in Hammersmith
Heels: Suede triple buckle platform boots from M&S’ Autumn/Winter collection
Ring: Jian

Jian Ring

M&S Shoes

Lady Gaga
Love her or not, Lady Gaga is an indisputable style icon. She just never lets a camera down. Last night, Miss Stefani Germanotta graced ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ as a guest judge. Not only did she propel her relationship by donning one piece of Atelier Versace, oh no, but she decked herself in the brand from head to toe.

As a compliment to her pop art-inspired make-up look, she wore a gorgeous 2-button red jacket covered with the signature Versace Medusa emblems and dragon print, as well as matching Atelier Versace bell bottom pants, red military hat and 12-inch red leather platform boots (one of which she threw on stage, overwhelmed, after Sasha and Melanie danced).

So You Think You Can Dance - Top 8 Live Performance Show

Charlie Le Mindu LFW Runway
Sunday was the first morning I had a woman’s ladygarden presented to me in public (or private, for that matter), thanks to Charlie Le Mindu. The avant garde wigmaker is famed for his work with the likes of Lady Gaga and MGMT; now he can add sending a handful of his models down the runway nude -save only hats, shoes, bags, and wigs – to his repertoire. While all of his designs this London Fashion Week left little to the imagination, my personal ‘show moment’ was the smart styling choice of the bubblegum pink platform boots by Lady Gaga‘s favorite heel-less shoe designer, Noritaka Tatehana. This show definitely wins for best atmosphere (even pre-nudity), with a gorgeous crowd and the most perfect pacing. Click below for more (not suitable for work). View Post