Net a Porter Live
Ever wanted to peek into the shopping carts of the rich and fabulous? Net-a-Porter is making it very, very possible.

With a widget called “World View“, the online shopping powerhouse has given everyone with internet access the ability to see what designer items are being bought, right as it happens.

If you want to hop from location to location, checking out the style selections of 14,000+ users at a time, I highly recommend a trip down their mesmerizing e-lane.

Beijing China Fashion
Is there new fashion competition for New York, London, Milan and Paris? Maybe so, from the recent sartoriality (…if it’s a word) of Beijing and the rest of China. US Vogue was the first to latch on, acknowledging the influx and import of Asian top models last month in a spread called “Asia Major”. HBIC Anna Wintour also recently announced that Vogue will set up a Fashion Fund in China.

Prada is next on the bandwagon as they have just announced that they will stage a show of their spring collection – along with specially created pieces – in Beijing on January 22. The powerhouse designer label is also rumored to be considering a listing on the Hong Kong Stock exchange. Three years ago, premonition pals Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi staged a show on the Great Wall…get ready for an Asian Boom, fashionistas.

DC Comics nOir Jewelry

BE STILL, my geek chic heart. In celebration of DC Comics’ 75th anniversary, the comic book legends have entered the most fabulous collaboration with accessory powerhouse nOir Jewelry. That’s right, guys – accessories to fight crime in! Subscribers and amigos will surely know of my Wonder Woman obsession, so believe me when I say that knuckleduster ring is mine. Featuring great pieces from all of our superhero favourites, the limited-edition range starts at just $60 and includes rings, earrings, and more adorned with character insignia and imagery. Fashion saving the world.