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For the last few months I have been putting my Robert Welch signature knives through their paces and thought – as this corner of the internet plays host to all the things I love – it was time I gave them a swoon of their own.

I had invested little time or money into my own knives until this Summer and, from what I understand from everyone I’ve spoken to in the months since, I’m not alone. Many of us simply believe knives are knives. That bread isn’t made to be cut easily or that a good chef’s set is only that of the tortured professional.

Knives have proved to be so much more. From my very first introduction, I’ve used my Signature set like extensions of my own arms. I’ve used the weight of the handles like a team of sous chefs. I’ve sliced loaves of bread in machine-worthy equal slices. I’ve created exceptionally flavoured sauces and dishes unlike that of my blunt-knived past. Even on my lazier days, the Signature Cooks’ Knife tackles everything from lemons to mint with such ease it suggests it knows exactly what dish I’m trying to make.

As if the ability to move around the kitchen like a stainless steel-weilding chef isn’t glory enough.

I could not recommend the set more and – thankfully – I’ve just been informed that they are hosting a competition so you can win your very own Signature set (right here)! I’ll keep everything crossed for you, babe.

robert welch knives

robert welch
Until last week, I had given very little thought about the equipment in my culinary arsenal. Though a lifetime of knife troubles has left me with wonky ‘fries’, tomato juice in the eye, and a number of battle-wounded fingers (to list but a few tragedies), I had always chalked them up to general foodie experience.

Then I got my hands on some Robert Welch knives and realised a quality set were worth their weight in gold.

To celebrate the sale of their one-millionth Signature knife, the company invited a few food influencers to meet them and their brand ambassador – the fantastic Georgina Davies – before putting their products to the test.

To begin, we discussed their passionately meticulous process for designing and manufacturing their products (the step-by-step stainless steel process you can see below). This, excitingly, led into a small knife-led recipe tutorial which we were asked to recreate at personal stations with their Cook’s knife, Kitchen knife, and Santoku knife.

When creating a fennel, radish and fig noodle salad with salsa verde dressing, there are a number of hard vegetables to tackle (I hate you, fennel) as well as a dire need for fine chopping skills. Thankfully, Robert Welch knives do most – if not all – of the work. After squaring off each vegetable (essential with such sharp tools to ensure a secure hold while the knives do their work), I was able to dice, slice, and arrange the salad faster than ever imagined. It is also worth noting that no salsa verde I have ever made has turned out so perfectly (this one was a blend of hyper-chopped garlic, mint, and coriander with a dash of dikon mustard, pepper, salt and olive oil).

My station ended up looking like the result of Les Poissons in The Little Mermaid – natch – but it was an ode to the knives, if anything.

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