At-home lasers are quite a frightening concept, no? They were for me. In fact, lasering myself is something that I would have never wished to embark on before ReAura.

Then, this little skincare miracle came along. If you have yet to hear of Philips’ Reaura – let me give you the lowdown. The Reaura is an absolutely revolutionary anti-ageing programme that delivers the benefits of professional laser treatments. So much so that you have to be screened for suitability before purchase, just like you would experience at a professional dermalogical consultation. Barely an inconvenience, truth be told, as the results you get (and you do get them) include a visible improvement in your skin’s appearance, a reduction of fine lines, age spots, sun spots, and the resoration of skin tone, texture and radiance. You thought the Clarisonic was innovative? Think again!

I have been using it for a few weeks, and have fallen in love. While I have no real ‘skin problems’ (knock on wood!), the Reaura has been actively boosting my skin’s collagen production, and thus I have been enjoying the skin of a sixteen year old; taught, poreless, and well-toned. Through the Reaura treatment, thousands of microscopic laser beams have been passed down the epidermis and the dermis. Don’t worry, it sounds much more painful than it is. The foolproof laser treatment triggers a natural process of cell renewal which replaces old and damaged skin cells with new, fresh skin cells containing more collagen.

You are left with redness after the treatment, but this subsides after a few hours. I suggest that you use the Reaura at night. You’ll wake up looking like you slept in a tub of Creme de la Mer for twenty years. We don’t all have the time or money to keep up with professional laser treatments over the next thirty years, but the Reaura is an investment that I see paying off for a long time to come.

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Natural Beauty
Not too long ago, I was fortunate enough to be invited to hang out with some of the wonderful faces behind the brands at Nutribeauty.

Nutribeauty is an online beauty mecca practically overloaded with the best in natural beauty. In their own words, they are ‘passionate about providing health, wellbeing and beauty’. All the usual luxury without any of the synthetic stuff.

There was truly something for everyone, and many brands which I had never heard of! Spirit of Beauty, for one, chooses to aid women into feeling fantastic from the inside out, with carefully chosen flower essences.

Then came the Bee Venom mask! Created by the lovely Deborah Mitchell of Heaven Skincare, Bee Venom is the not-so-secret source of the Dutches of Cornwall’s disappearing wrinkles. A pleasant, strange experience I urge you to read more about.

She also created something called “SOS Oil” which can easily be described as a beauty regime in a bottle. Who knew natural beauty was this powerful across the board?!

Antipodes, a brand which I already love, talked about some of their best products – Deliverance Hand Cream, Savior balm etc – and still managed to impress me with the sheer honesty and scientific investment into sharing the percentage figures for the efficacy of their heavenly products. Can’t say enough good things about their products!

Suti was also filled with love. The creators, Suzannah Jenkins and Tina Steadman, combined their names to create a skincare range to ‘feed your skin’. Homeopathy is the name of the game, here. Their oils literally smell good enough to eat and have a sensuous, refined feel to them which remedy almost everything.

These definitely weren’t the only brands on offer, and truly just a small fraction of some incredibly luxurious offerings. Must. Visit. Now.

Sensitive Skin Body Cream
Though I am lucky (and regimented) enough to have blemish-free skin, my outer layer is actually quite sensitive. On top of that, I have battled Keratosis Pilaris Rubra on and off for ten years. If you didn’t know, Keratosis Pilaris is the scientific term for unusually bumpy and inflamed areas of skin.

Because there is no ’cause’ for the condition, I have spent a long time trying out exfoliating and moisturising products for the body in hopes of reaching a good formula to ‘cure’ it. While the exfoliating side of things can be done as cheaply as a sugar mixed with olive oil, the moisturiser has been a problem.

This is not a paid ad. I have literally found the perfect moisturiser.

Pai Skincare’s Comfrey & Calendula Calming Body Cream is organic, anti-inflammatory (thanks to the calendula) and healing (thanks to the comfrey). After two days of use, my skin was 100% bump-free. While the two c’s are mega winners, the allantonin – a natural substance I had never tried – seems to be the key, stimulating growth of new skin. The lotion itself is silky, rich, and smells faintly of orange sorbet.

On top of that? After using a hair product that left less-than-desirable results, I emptied two pumps of the body cream into my hands and worked it through my hair. Four strangers have complimented me on my locks today*. It is incredibly silky, brushable (!!), and has virtually airbrushed the frizz from my head.

I somehow feel everyone can find use for this.

* I am a frizzy mess with hair down to my bum. This never happens.