last minute valentines gifts
On this happiest of days – Galentine’s Day – I thought I’d give a little bit of love to those among us who have either forgotten or struggled with tomorrow’s annual heart-filled gift-giving.

Valentine’s Day isn’t particularly “my thing”, but I do love the idea of celebrating love of all kinds so thought I’d round up a few last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts that slay.

For your bae of any kind…tickets to Dirty Great Love Story
This Edinburgh Fringe First award-winning show is an alcohol-laden masterpiece exploring modern dating through two relatably hopeless romantics. Is not so much ‘romantic comedy’ as it is ‘romantic catastrophe’; bringing poetic light (and constant lolz) to inescapable familiarities of timing, tousles, and terrible choices.

I enjoyed every cringe-worthy moment (thanks to delicious performances from Felix Scott and Ayesha Antoine) and could not imagine there being a type of human who wouldn’t feel the same.

For the blossoming romance…EatFirst
The award-winning online restaurant EatFirst has developed an incredible Italian tasting menu together with top antipodean chef, Benn Hodges, inspired by sultry summers on the Amalfi coast and the island of love, Capri.

The menu (which prepares everything and simply needs to be heated when ready to share) includes:

– Buffalo Burrata antipasti (with heirloom tomatoes, black olives, creamy buffalo burrata, micro Italian basil and rocket dressed with extra virgin olive oil infused with vanilla, lemon zest, and basil), grilled rosemary & sea salt focaccia

– Duck Ragu Pappardelle Primi Paitta (Devonshire ducks marinated in red wine, carrot, celery, bay leaves & garlic, then scented with juniper berries and star anise. All is braised overnight with virgin Sicilian green olives and eventually served with handmade pappardelle pastafinished with parmesan, parsley and green olives)

– Squash Salad (Butternut squash marinated in thyme & garlic – seared and roasted – with endives and tomato jam)

– Flat Iron Steak Secondi Paitta (Aged flat iron steak marinated in pepper & ginger, chargrilled, and served pink with fresh baby spinach, sesame salad and a mix of pickled vegetables)

– Flourless Chocolate Cake Dolci (70% dark chocolate cake served paired with a light vanilla custard)

Wine pairings are available (Chateaux Fayau Bordeaux & Chablis Domain du Colombier), and all. Talk about easy, refined intimacy!

For someone super special…a vacation
Be it a weekend away, a staycation, or a stay at an RCI timeshare, I have always believed the best presents are experiential or travel related. Thankfully, Airbnb can hit pretty much any wanderlusting nail on the head and allow you to find comfort in your very own romantic home from home(if you haven’t used it, you can also get £30 in travel credit by following this special link!).

Think about somewhere your partner has expressed interest in and give them the surprise of their life!

For yourself…Calmia yoga roller
If we’re forced to celebrate love we might as well celebrate loving ourselves, right? While this gift would actually work for anyone (especially someone who’s partner isn’t often at home or has recently decided to part ways), you’ve got to get one for yourself. By simply shifting your body around the roller, you can de-stress your mind & body, reduce soreness, aid muscle recovery, and even prevent injury (tense muscles are injury trigger points!). It can provide the cheapest and longest massage of your life, tailored to perfection. What could be better than that?!

valentines day
I try to be flippant about everything Valentine’s related, but the forces of evil (slash good) have tried their best to pull me over to the pink and red side.

Last year? I won a competition that gave me free cocktails and a movie theatre to myself for the evening.
This year? After agreeing we wouldn’t do anything to celebrate (we were planning to be pooped from Fashion Week, after all), The Manfriend took me to see my favourite musical of all time – Wicked.


The cherry on top? Upon returning home, I was welcomed by a gargantuan package of Valentine’s goodies from M&S. Gorgeously crisp – and fragrant – roses, candles, bath salts, chocolates, a marble heart platter, grooming goodies for The Manfriend, a stunning bra (also for The Manfriend?), and a gift card to provide us with a bona fide feast…and then some.

I think I might be giving in, V-Day.

valentines day
valentines day

Valentine's Day survival guide - Infographic

Courtesy of Sony

Valentine’s Day has never really been my thing (see: the Un-Valentine’s playlist). I am a hopeless romantic and say I ‘love’ things more than I probably should, but I’ve never really understood the specific Valentine’s occasion hoopla. When I initially saw Sony’s tablet -geared Valentine’s infographic (above), I was almost positive I wouldn’t get anything from it.

But, you know what? These are genuinely good ideas. Even if you have zero love interests and zero plans in line for the 14th, Sony’s XperiaTM tablet and smartphone range (we’re talking 3D surround sound, Play Store apps, universal IR remotes, high quality cameras, and HD screens), has inspired me to have a genuinely lovely time with myself – whether The Boyfriend is around or not. It’s just a day, after all!

My own take on the infographic?

How To Deal With Valentine’s Day

1. Have some champagne and listen to music (if you’re like me, this will be done while dressed in next to nothing in front of a mirror)

2. Cook yourself your dream meal (whether it is something extravagant or something  you simply don’t take the time to do – my choice is lobster and a vegan chocolate cake)

3. Take a trip down memory lane (invite your favourite ladies over, load up your backlog of photographic memories on the TV, and follow it by indulging in a 90s film flashback or two)

4. Photos (be it the big or little moments of the evening, I’m all for keeping a tablet on hand to document things!)

5. Watch a film in bed (or – like 99% of singletons – spend the rest of your evening in bed LOLing at half-drunk ‘coupley’ Facebook updates).

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