February 5, 2014

How To Deal With Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day survival guide - Infographic

Courtesy of Sony

Valentine’s Day has never really been my thing (see: the Un-Valentine’s playlist). I am a hopeless romantic and say I ‘love’ things more than I probably should, but I’ve never really understood the specific Valentine’s occasion hoopla. When I initially saw Sony’s tablet -geared Valentine’s infographic (above), I was almost positive I wouldn’t get anything from it.

But, you know what? These are genuinely good ideas. Even if you have zero love interests and zero plans in line for the 14th, Sony’s XperiaTM tablet and smartphone range (we’re talking 3D surround sound, Play Store apps, universal IR remotes, high quality cameras, and HD screens), has inspired me to have a genuinely lovely time with myself – whether The Boyfriend is around or not. It’s just a day, after all!

My own take on the infographic?

How To Deal With Valentine’s Day

1. Have some champagne and listen to music (if you’re like me, this will be done while dressed in next to nothing in front of a mirror)

2. Cook yourself your dream meal (whether it is something extravagant or something  you simply don’t take the time to do – my choice is lobster and a vegan chocolate cake)

3. Take a trip down memory lane (invite your favourite ladies over, load up your backlog of photographic memories on the TV, and follow it by indulging in a 90s film flashback or two)

4. Photos (be it the big or little moments of the evening, I’m all for keeping a tablet on hand to document things!)

5. Watch a film in bed (or – like 99% of singletons – spend the rest of your evening in bed LOLing at half-drunk ‘coupley’ Facebook updates).

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