Week in Photos
Instagram (@lelalondon) – left to right, top to bottom:
1. Just what my imaginary doctor ordered.
2. Handmade red beret and POW neon orange jumper from Superdry. (Weirdly look like I’m wearing blue contact lenses?)
3. Working on a tutorial in a Christmas jumper. Laundry time.
4. One day I will be Faye Dunaway.
5. Haha thank GOD me being blinded while being street styled has made it onto Nylon TV.
6. Going to spend the evening looking at photos of my son when he was a baby polar bear.
7. Breakfast Club-themed presentation power at Tata Naka.
8. Late lunch. Need vitamins.
9. So breaking my phone landed me with my old one. And some quality throwbacks. Silver lining.
10. Sunbathing.
11. They know me well.

Vines from the week (click to watch!):
Ashish was rather spectacular.
Pouring coconut water over Berocca. Fashion week flu attacks.

Instagram Vine
Instagram (@lelalondon) – left to right, top to bottom:
1. Sideways works.
2. We found this bear on the side of the road. We’re naming him Waffles.
3. Addicted to Vine.
4. The last – and best – macaron.
5. Well, I never. More macarons.
6. He often pretends to be a cat/owl/human.
7. Absolutely addicted to Coco Cafe.
8. Rather opulent bar hopping for my latest Food for Thought column.
9. A super windswept fotd.

And, of course, I’ve jumped on the Vine bandwagon. Though I have a few niggles with the much-buzzed-about app, I feel that because it is so supremely easy to use – yet a creative and stop motion haven – Vine is going to find itself getting Instagram-esque traction as soon as the social sharing kinks get worked out.

Vines from the week (click to watch!):
Predicting the future.
The babes have had a spa day. (Cuteness award).
Dinner for you. Dinner for me.
Finishing 12 hours of writing with a little Pitch Perfect.
All nighter that started at Spice Market.
Three hour lunch in 6 seconds. Love you, Tom Aikens.
Meetings with Laduree macarons. It literally gets no better.
Cutting my hair.