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As a fully-fledged British person, I come pre-loaded with a penchant for weather chat. Much to my own dismay, this became very clear in the days leading up to my 12-hour trip to the Scilly Isles.

In my defense, the day would take me island hopping from pocket-sized plane to wooden dinghy. Better-than-torrential weather would have been comforting.

With no such luck, The Boy and I donned the most weatherproof items of clothing and headed to Lands End Airport at the crack of dawn.

The airport experience was something else; the only building itty bitty enough to steal Ras al Kaimah’s coveted Smallest Airport I’ve Ever Seen Award.

When some of the rough weather cleared we were given the green light to board the toy plane, so rushed to the doors and ascended into the sky within minutes. I have never been so entertained in my life. Sitting no more than two feet from the pilot, I transfixed myself in his every gesture, switch, and movement as we bounced along between sea and xloud.

We landed on the ‘main’ Isle of Scilly – St Mary’s – less than twenty minutes later, collected our “luggage” from their similarly minute airport’s solo conveyor belt, and hopped in the world’s most entertaining shuttle bus.

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dalloway terrace afternoon tea
Though I’m sure I have had an afternoon tea or two this year, I developed an insane craving for the full affair after indulging in a few of Cornwall’s best cream teas.

There really is no better place to scratch said itch in the home of afternoon tea, is there?

As 1830s credit would have it, Anna Russell (Duchess of Bedford) turned your run-of-the-mill afternoon tea into a social occasion after deciding to invite friends to enjoy hers at her side in the heart of Bloomsbury – a stone’s throw and century-plus from Dalloway Terrace.

With this in mind, the restaurant (and indoor-outdoor terrace) recently launched an alfresco afternoon tea to bring the traditional home.

Thanks in large part to the genius of Pastry Chef Mariatu Kargbo (The Dorchester, The Lanesborough, The Berkeley), the afternoon tea is a bite-sized triumph after triumph. The smoked corn-fed chicken in brioche melts in the mouth, the smoked salmon & crab rillette on Guinness bread was so delicious I ordered ‘another round’, and the freshly-baked plain & sultana buttermilk scones were some of the best I have ever had.

In addition to this, the service was so warm and welcoming I ended up tipping more than I spent on the actual meal. There is no schtick or charade here. Just beautiful food, tea and bubbles (you must try the Ridgeview Bloomsbury 2013, a gloriously crisp English sparkling wine) in an idyllic, tourist-free hideaway.

dalloway terrace afternoon tea london
dalloway terrace afternoon tea london
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robert welch
Until last week, I had given very little thought about the equipment in my culinary arsenal. Though a lifetime of knife troubles has left me with wonky ‘fries’, tomato juice in the eye, and a number of battle-wounded fingers (to list but a few tragedies), I had always chalked them up to general foodie experience.

Then I got my hands on some Robert Welch knives and realised a quality set were worth their weight in gold.

To celebrate the sale of their one-millionth Signature knife, the company invited a few food influencers to meet them and their brand ambassador – the fantastic Georgina Davies – before putting their products to the test.

To begin, we discussed their passionately meticulous process for designing and manufacturing their products (the step-by-step stainless steel process you can see below). This, excitingly, led into a small knife-led recipe tutorial which we were asked to recreate at personal stations with their Cook’s knife, Kitchen knife, and Santoku knife.

When creating a fennel, radish and fig noodle salad with salsa verde dressing, there are a number of hard vegetables to tackle (I hate you, fennel) as well as a dire need for fine chopping skills. Thankfully, Robert Welch knives do most – if not all – of the work. After squaring off each vegetable (essential with such sharp tools to ensure a secure hold while the knives do their work), I was able to dice, slice, and arrange the salad faster than ever imagined. It is also worth noting that no salsa verde I have ever made has turned out so perfectly (this one was a blend of hyper-chopped garlic, mint, and coriander with a dash of dikon mustard, pepper, salt and olive oil).

My station ended up looking like the result of Les Poissons in The Little Mermaid – natch – but it was an ode to the knives, if anything.

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robert welch
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jose cuervo citadel festival 1
As you will have seen on Snapchat, I spent my Sunday somewhat omnipresent in Tequila Town and bringing you the best of Citadel Festival in partnership with Jose Cuervo.

You could call it work, but it seems unfair to label sunshine, street food, music and frozen margaritas as such.

Though this one-day festival is only in its second year, its packs the punch of an old school festi-fave; everything is experiential. The day began with a manic leap towards The Cheese Truck (which you know I love) before immersing myself in the adoartion of Sigur Ros, Beardyman, Battles, Tinariwen, Calexico, and my long-term girlcrush of girlcrushes, Lianne La Havas.

Every between-stage moment was spent in Tequila Town (natch) dancing to Latin-tinted megamixes with strangers and cooling down with Cuervo cocktails en masse. In fact, I only think I left the temporary Town to secure myself some Popdogs nourishment.

What I Wore:
White bardot top from ASOS (similar here)
Black shorts from Acne
Silver sandals from Boohoo
Lana sunglasses from Tom Ford
Mint blue leather handbag from Smith & Canova

jose cuervo citadel festival 2
jose cuervo citadel festival 3
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