One Year Anniversary Weekend

heart balloons anniversary
The Manfriend and I celebrated our one year anniversary this weekend. The whole live long weekend. It was divine.

As our actual anniversary fell on the Saturday and we had already committed to spending the day out celebrating his cousin’s wedding, we decided to assign the Friday and Sunday to anniversary fun.

I woke up early on Friday morning to blow up twelve heart shaped balloons with helium and attach them to twelve pre-made ‘cards’ (photos of us, with some love notes scribbled on the back). Too excited to wait until a reasonable wake-up hour, I then ran back into our bedroom and presented him with his inflated ‘cards’. Thank goodness he loves me, eh?

After a lazy morning in bed and a frolic through the garden, we set off for my second surprise: a four hour paintballing stint followed by his favourite pizza in the universe. A tad unconventional in the romance stakes, but perfect nonetheless.

The next day was a beautiful, wonderful blur that ended in the following day’s activities being revealed: we were off to Alton Towers! I can’t blame him for ‘spoiling’ the surprise – I cajoled him for hours and unknowingly entered an excited conversation about theme parks with a fellow wedding guest.

As expected, we had an incredible, adrenaline-pumping Sunday. (And I got a rather special personalised ‘love map’, on top of everything.)

In the post-anniversary honeymoon phase, we woke up on Monday and made some important life plans. But more on that in a later blog…

heart balloons anniversary
heart balloons anniversary
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The Gadget Show 2014

gadget show 2014
When my friends at Windows invited me along to celebrate their partnership with The Gadget Show Live 2014, I high-tailed it down to the cavernous halls of the Birmingham NEC.

Holla to my fellow girl geeks.

Long-time blog readers will know I have a thirst (obsession, even) for technology…one that forced me to invite one of my favourite lady friends to keep my head – and purse – on straight.

Through a sea of plaid shirts, it was obvious that we were outnumbered by a high percentage of XY chromosomes, but it was a great day out nonetheless. From playing with DigiLegs, to playing with Windows’ newest launches, to watching hardcore Robo Challenge defeats, to watching scuba divers take selfies with fully immersive underwater phones, to getting my first look at the Oculus Rift and Google Glass, each little station was an adventure in itself.

After a few hours, we capped the day off with a game of indoor Zombie Laser tag from And won. Hashtag #GirlPower.

gadget show 2014 oculus vr
gadget show 2014
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The Weekend Wonder – Oscar Wilde

saint sinner

“Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.”
- Oscar Wilde

What I Wore – Lavish Alice

lavish alice
I have admired the sports luxe faire of Lavish Alice for quite some time and – after they released a rather gorgeous capsule collection of premium jersey pieces – I was destined to finally got my hands on a piece or two.

Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. And I couldn’t be happier. This skirt (though not part of the collection) is gorgeous, comfortable and pairs perfectly with the sheer yoke sweater. Which, I should add, is undeniably stroke-worthy thanks to a high cotton content.

What I Wore:
Peach & White Ribbed Sweater with Sheer Yoke
Mint Asymmetric Pencil Skirt
Jasper Conran doctor’s bag (similar here)

lavish alice
lavish alice

In Review: The YMCo, Harrogate

ymco harrogate
The Yorkshire Meatball Co. – or, The YMCO – sounded like my worst nightmare until I visited their website.

I urge you to take a look. It deserves an award.

Telling patrons that they’re a “speciality Meatball Bar leading the fight against average, tasteless, meatless meatballs”* pretty much dissolved each and every reservation I had. And thank goodness it did: I wouldn’t call myself a ‘meatball woman’, but I’m more than happy to call myself a YMCo woman.

Kicking things off with a naughty glass of their Yorkshire Iced Tea (hello, gin!), my dining partner and I decided to share their Yorkshire Platter as a compromise for wanting each and every one of their starters. As you can see, we were not left unsatisfied. The long cutting board was furnished with pressed York ham hock terrine, a selection of fresh local cheese, a ‘shot’ of soup (a starter in itself!), a hard boiled hens egg, pickled onions, dressed leaves, flatbread and roasted garlic mayo. With balls to come, it would have been impossible for us to finish…but we tried our very best.

The main portion of their menu focuses on the idea of ‘Balls’ (your choice), ‘Beds’ (veg, mash, greens, et al), and ‘Blankets’ (sauce), all of which my companion couldn’t ignore. He opted for the ‘Hot Balls‘ (hand-rolled meatballs with a hint of chilli pepper), root veg (roasted in olive oil with fresh garlic), a complimentary Yorkshire pudding (you can choose not to have one, though I’m not quite sure why you wouldn’t), and Herby Ketchup (fresh tomato and herbs). You better believe he licked the dishes clean.

I was slightly jealous until my ‘Naked Bals‘ arrived 2.7 seconds later. Their ‘Naked’ concept comes with no blankets or beds; instead, a bed of salad and toppings to compliment your choice of Balls. As I couldn’t ignore the haddock, chorizo and parsley Fish Balls, my ‘meat’ was balanced atop a large pile of watercress, avocado, raspberries and lime. With a Birdie Ball ‘Taster’ (just £2 for a ball on a small, lightly toasted brioche bun!) on the side, I was engulfed in a mushroom pesto blanket delirium.

To date, I have not had a more filling, delicious, and affordable lunch in the North. My only regret is not leaving room for their cheesecake balls.

* It must be mentioned, I believe they’re selling themselves short on the ‘meatless’ – I’ve seen rave reviews for their veggie balls.

ymco harrogate
ymco harrogate
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