Blogstock – What To Pack

BLOGSTOCK what to wear
With just under two weeks left until I share The Secrets of Lifestyle Blogging with the wonderful attendees of Blogstock, I felt it was time to start thinking about getting the packing essentials lined up (and helping you along the way!).

As a blogging festival, the typical festival packing list goes through a few solid tweaks for Blogstock. You’ll want your wellies and sunnies, of course, but would benefit from spending a bit more time packing your ‘equipment’ than you would otherwise.

For clothing options, a few dresses and/or neutral-toned seperates wrapped up in your sleeping bag will be more than enough. I would advise keeping things as comfortable and cool as possible, throwing in a colourful cardigan for night-time mingling.

For the daytime, however, a good quality backpack (one that will hold your SLR/GoPro/laptop/power banks) will prove as imperative as SPF and a bottle of water. You can thank me later.

Items featured:
Special Fit Super Duper Strength Sunglasses from Karen Walker
Le Dix backpack from Balenciaga
Stud wellies from Valentino
Button-front swing dress from ASOS
Lime batwing shawl cardigan from Oasap

Personal Training with Nordic Balance

Nordic Balance
It started with an Instagram*.

A little over one month ago I agreed to join a beloved friend at next April’s Tough Mudder when we ventured out on a muddy run in the woods. Because 12-mile obstacle courses are a sensible challenge to accept for someone who primarily dances and shops for exercise.

A week after ‘training’ started (read: running myself exhausted and berating myself for doing lady pushups), I bit the bullet and signed up for the Summer Body Blast at Nordic Balance.

Located in the luxurious side-streets of Piccadilly Circus, Nordic Balance was not only an unavoidable stop for my Soho-based meeting days but a beautiful one. The building used to be home to the Earl of Kent but now hosts fully equipped weights and cardio rooms, a swimming pool with jet-stream technology, a jacuzzi, sauna, treatment room, stretching area, and the oldest squash court in London.

For Summer Body Blast, my initial 360 degree assessment used medical grade testing equipment to measure key metrics like hydration, water retention, muscle mass, fat mass, metabolism, and stress levels to assist in personalised goal-setting.

The next three weeks of training – with the scrupulous but delightful Alessandro – were a muscle-flinching blur. For the first time ever, I knew I was being pushed to my physical limits; the high intensity sessions (45 minutes, three times a week) were challenging in the most literal sense.

Then again, I got out what I was forced to put in. With the programme’s added bonus of a weekly sports massage, I started to feel fit. Really fit. Fit enough to jump a rope without a bounce jump, fit enough to run up the stairs at Leicester Square, and fit enough to crush a set of proper pushups.

This may only be the beginning but I imagine I’ll look back at this blog come Tough Mudder with extreme gratitude towards Nordic Balance’s expert building blocks.

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Learning to Swing Dance at Old Bengal Bar, London

old bengal bar swing dance
I’ve wanted to learn how to swing dance since the day I discovered swing dance. In fact, I’ve wanted to learn everything I possibly could about the 1940s since that fateful, patriotic watch of Hellzapoppin’.

My long-awaited introduction took place at Old Bengal Bar over the weekend and the whole evening was a leg-kicking, hand-clapping dream.

Until the 29th of August, Fridays and Saturdays at OBB are a living, breathing ode to be best of retro Americana; swing dancing classes with Swing Patrol, Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches by The Liberty Cheesesteak Company and swing-themed cocktails from the Old Bengal Bar themselves (the Swing Out – El Jimador Blanco, St Germain, sugar syrup, lemon juice, with fresh raspberry, blackberry & mint – is a thing of perfection).

For two hours a welcome mix of lindy-hopping noobs and swing dancing pros mingled, learned, drank and danced, only stopping to refuel on original, Liberty Wiz-packed cheesesteaks (wit’ onions or it doesn’t count). I’m not sure I ever felt so proud to be an American. But that may have been the Swing Outs.

old bengal bar swing dance
old bengal bar swing dance
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