My closest friends would be tasked to find a more Lela London-appropriate brunch than that of burlesque, burgers, and bubbles. When the event for a burlesque class with Miss Polly Rae at The Hippodrome (home to some of my favourite food in London) came in, I could hardly refuse…

The afternoon was a perfect opportunity to not only get my wiggle on, but test drive a few new pieces from TJC’s shiny new Bird collection. I got my hands on them just before my trip to Athens and didn’t take them off the entire time. Because confidence-invoking talismans for solo female travel rarely come so beautiful (you’ll see more of that in my upcoming blogs and vlogs!).

This is the type of afternoon I’d happily repeat every day if I could (with obvious considerations for my waistline and liver).

What I Wore:
This necklace and these earrings from TJC’s Bird Collection
Lace-up grey dress (similar here)
Studio Pink Blocked heels from Rocket Dog

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The Belkin Power Pack (from Halfords) – I could kick myself for taking so long to start using a proper power pack. This little golden beauty is lightweight, has two USB ports (meaning anything with a USB plug can be charged with it) and a 2.4A input for 40% faster charging. The pack will charge my phone from empty full three to four times before having to be charged itself, meaning it keeps me connected – Snapchats, Maps, Instagrams, and all – for a day on the go with no hassle or worry. A complete lifesaver.

LG G5 – In Gold. Obviously. I am a fully-fledged LG phone addict (due, in large part, to their exceptional cameras) and couldn’t help but upgrade to the G5 Gold when it was released. It is the perfect size (large enough to write on, in a pinch), super sleek, records high quality video (it is what I use to shoot all vlogs), and equips me to run my business from anywhere in the world.

Gold laptop case (similar here) – As I take my Macbook Air everywhere I travel, a little shell protection is necessary. I have battered this one for months on end but it has managed to keep one of my most valuable investments and daily tools safe and unscarred from my adventures.

Gold mirrored sunglasses (here, here, here) – Over the last year or so, my staple sunglasses have been enormous black Tom Ford cat-eyes. Which are fantastic – don’t get me wrong – but slightly overwhelming to carry on more adventure-led, less designer-friendly days. As I wear sunglasses almost every day (sensitive eyes), I picked up these gold mirrored sunglasses to ensure any potential breaks or mishaps wouldn’t be as traumatic as they would wearing the Fords.

Embryolisse Radiant Eye Cream Roll-On – As you will have seen in my August beauty favourites, I am a big fan of this roll-on lifesaver for tired and puffy eyes. I use it day, night, and every sleepy-eyed time between. Fortunately, it also doesn’t count as a liquid product so works as a fantastic carry-on beauty item (even a facial moisturiser, in a pinch!).

The Kipling Superwork – With gold accents, it carries all of the above (and much more!) with incredible ease and style. Though it’s not too big to the eye (I use it as a handbag and work bag almost every day), it has enough extendable space and compartments to carry a weekend’s worth of packing. An essential for the equipment-heavy entrepreneur.


robert welch 8
For the last few months I have been putting my Robert Welch signature knives through their paces and thought – as this corner of the internet plays host to all the things I love – it was time I gave them a swoon of their own.

I had invested little time or money into my own knives until this Summer and, from what I understand from everyone I’ve spoken to in the months since, I’m not alone. Many of us simply believe knives are knives. That bread isn’t made to be cut easily or that a good chef’s set is only that of the tortured professional.

Knives have proved to be so much more. From my very first introduction, I’ve used my Signature set like extensions of my own arms. I’ve used the weight of the handles like a team of sous chefs. I’ve sliced loaves of bread in machine-worthy equal slices. I’ve created exceptionally flavoured sauces and dishes unlike that of my blunt-knived past. Even on my lazier days, the Signature Cooks’ Knife tackles everything from lemons to mint with such ease it suggests it knows exactly what dish I’m trying to make.

As if the ability to move around the kitchen like a stainless steel-weilding chef isn’t glory enough.

I could not recommend the set more and – thankfully – I’ve just been informed that they are hosting a competition so you can win your very own Signature set (right here)! I’ll keep everything crossed for you, babe.

robert welch knives

london blogger
Forever playing tourist in my own city, I was thrilled to round off a jam-packed work week with an exploratory afternoon discovering the hidden gems of Greenwich with Visit London.

We started the afternoon by heading to The Royal Academy on a City Cruise, ascended the secret steps of the belltower while a period film was being shot in The Painted Hall, played a few exhausting rounds of “bowling”, followed it with a private look around The Cutty Sark (now one of then most unique architectural accomplishments in London), hopped back on the Thames to cruise down to the Emirates Air Line, and eventually ended up at The Intercontinental’s Clipper Bar (one of my favourite bars in London) for cocktails.

An exploration of such magnitude presented the perfect opportunity to whip out my new favourite dress and become the accidental “unidentified woman walking” in more than a handful of photographs.

It was a very special day with very special people in a very special dress.

What I Wore;
Vintage-style fold over Bardot dress from House of Fraser

Top photo credit: Efe. A brilliant human and photographer.

Looking for more?
Alice (@alisinworldland on Instagram) and I just hosted a Facebook Live all about our London loves – click here to watch it!

london blogger
london blogger

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