April 4, 2013

My Week On Instagram #36

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Instagram (@lelalondon) – left to right, top to bottom:
1. The only photo from last night without a flipped bird. Boys and their Taylor Swift heart.
2. Ed Sheeran, yous a smart dude.
3. Spent Easter with 16 rather amazing individuals. So full of lovin’.
4. Last night’s pretty poison at House of Wolf (review coming soon on my food column, Food for Thought, at HungerTV.com!)
5. Retro Bunnies.
6. Bestie birthday aka “oh my god that bitch has blue hair“.
7. First of two moves in three days. Wheeeeeee! (Ended up being three.)
8. Mercedes S Class lust. (Use my Uber promo code, uberlela, and get £10 off your first Uber ride! Redeem it at uber.com/invite/uberlela)
9. Today I had penguin. Not to eat. Like…cosy penguin playtime.

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