eiffel tower penthouse
There is a penthouse in the Eiffel Tower. I mean, if any vintage discovery was ever worth a Throwback Thursday…

At the Eiffel Tower’s inception, there were very few photographs taken behind the scaffolding. These rare photos are an incredible find and quite a testament to the magic that Alexandre Gustave Eiffel began designing in 1887.

After two years of work by only 200 men, the now-famous structure was completed with 18,038 pieces of wrought iron and 2.5 million rivets, weighing 10,000 tonnes and reaching a height of 984.25 feet. Complete with 1,710 steps to the top, of course.

For years, rumours have flown around concerning the tower’s initial uses. We know that, in its opening year, French newspaper Le Figaro opened a print office on the second floor alongside a post office which delivered postcards by balloon.

Allegedly, there was even a penthouse and theatre.

Allegedly no more, thanks to the archives of the Neurdein brothers (the official photographers of the Paris World’s Fair in 1889). Say hello to Mr. Eiffel’s 285-meter high penthouse and theatre.

eiffel tower penthouse
eiffel tower penthouse
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young helen mirren
Though I never expected to see Dame Helen Mirren waxing lyrical about rubber gloves in her négligée, I am ever so pleased that it has happened.

From her short stint as an ‘Advert Woman’ in the 1967 film Herostratus (her first credited film role!), we have been blessed with the video below. Is anyone else a tiny bit convinced that Jennifer Lawrence is simply Helen Mirren, time-travelling for the lolz?

young helen mirren
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Airplane Piano Bar
There are some absolute gems in the Boeing archives and – though I have always loved flying – I would trade any of my in-air memories for a shot at experiencing a 747 flight in the 1970s.

While the 1930s Boeing Clipper had everything from a powder room to a dining room (pictured in black and white, below), things got phenomenally jazzy in the Seventies. In the vintage American Airlines 747 Coach Lounge Commercial below, NBC’s Chet Huntley pimps out the airline’s Wurlitzer piano bar while The Fonz offers a fellow traveller a light…

It’s all very smooth…and very Don Draper.

For First Class, the Boeing 747’s small upper deck was turned into a cocktail bar in the sky; all Martinis, steaks, and ultra-modern swivel chairs. On Continental Airlines, there was even a pub.

Please take a moment to listen to Waltz of The Flowers while you receive a tour of the Boeing 747 100 Series’ First Class deck…

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life in 1950
This may be one of my favourite Throwback Thursday finds in quite some time. Found in the August 1925 issue of ‘Popular Science Monthly‘, the article above – May Live to See – suggests that city dwellers would be living on four levels after 25 years had passed. Subtitled under ‘How You May Live and Travel in the City of 1950’, I certainly don’t disagree with the idea of a pedestrian-only level of land or a city full of spiral escalators.

Serious talk, guys. It’s coming up to 100 years later. Where my spirals at?

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