May 18, 2012

Yumi Lashes

yumi lashes
Would you believe me if I told you that Yumi Lashes weren’t extensions? No? I promise, they’re not! While the photos above are both makeup-free, the big (and curly) difference in the ‘after’ photo is the effect of the Yumi lash treatment.

I never curl my eyelashes, so I was taken aback to be greeted by lengthened, curled, and fluttery lashes at the end of the treatment. Remember, this is no mascara…no false lashes…nada.

How do they get these results without committing to fakery? Five steps: a Lift, Fix, Nourish, Adhesive, and Tint process (all gentle and nutrient-rich) which secures the shape of your eyelashes over a small lash-pad which rests on your eye. During the treatment, your lower lashes are also protected with a gel pad which delivers an anti-ageing eye treatment. After 45 relaxing minutes, you open your eyes to the ‘after’ photo.

The treatment lasts eight weeks (the average lash cycle) and Yumi provides a keratin-based nourishing mascara and small ‘lash styler’ comb to keep your lashes in long and strong form.

You can try out Yumi Lashes at Harrods’ Urban Retreat.

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