October 17, 2012

What I Wore – Orange Trench Coat

orange trench coat
You know how it goes; you stumble on some random Youtube video one moment and end up with an orange trench coat on your doorstep the next. Case in point? Very’s celebrity fashion collaboration video (below!) and the Jameela Jamil double-breasted mac.

This is now probably the easiest item I have at my disposal to throw on and feel ‘dressed’. For the influx of ridiculously temperamental and bright so-called Autumn days ahead, outfits like these are going to be my bread and butter.

What I Wore:
Westwood Rocks Russian Dream bracelet
The aforementioned eye-popping trench coat
Crew Clothing Breton top
Handmade pencil skirt that has always been far too long (therefore warm!)
Jane Shilton Frankfurt cross-body and tote handbag

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