My Week on Instagram (and Vine!) #30

Week in Photos
Instagram (@lelalondon) – left to right, top to bottom:
1. Word to ya mutha. SO EXCITED FOR THE APTMT.
2. Night, Twitter/Instagram/Internets.
3. Hometown glory. #London.
4. This week’s Food For Thought at (read the full article here!)
5. ‘Dial M for Murder’ face.
6. Moleskine: organising is the spice of life.
7. Considering my Tesco-owned reservations, H+H did not disappoint.
8. Best friend Internet date. Only collar-wearers allowed.

Vines from the week (click to watch!):
Dancing LUSH lips.
Waffles is out for the count.
How To Make Coffee.
The goddesses of ‘no makeup’ makeup.
Casual fashion dance-off at River Island.
A very girly OOTD.