Video on Instagram
Video on Instagram is now a thing and I’m feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. (COUGH, geek.)

Though I was an early adopter of video app Vine, it has been quite some time since I have uploaded anything to the social network…let alone logged in. Thankfully, Instagram’s ingenious addition of video is the answer to all my Vine-related niggles (so now you can be bombarded by my Instagram superfluously, YAY):

  • – Like Vine, video on Instagram can be shot in a stream or split into multiple clips. Unlike Vine, it doesn’t crash if you wait a while between ‘shots’.
  • – 15 seconds of video versus 6 seconds.
  • – Instead of loading automatically, you have the choice to play the videos in your feed or not. (And they don’t autoloop).
  • – You can choose the ‘cover photo’ for your video. If someone chooses not to view your video, you will still have a traditional ‘Instagram’ in place.
  • – There are thirteen filters to enhance your videos.
  • – We’re all already hooked on the ol’ Instagram and this simply enhances the experience for you and your existing followers.
  • – No switching from app to app! (Hashtag LAZYBONES; but honestly, how annoying is it to follow everyone you like every time a new app is released?)

What are your thoughts? Will you be utilizing video on Instagram?

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Fashion Week AW13 Instagram
Instagram (@lelalondon) – left to right, top to bottom:
1. 40s, baby. Hair by Giles Robinson for John Frieda. Makeup by LauraDexter for Rimmel London.
2. Prabal Gurung presents from the BFF.
3. Bora Aksu. Boom.
4. Latest ‘Food for Thought‘ on (read it here!)
5. Workout for your ears.
6. So Instagrammable.
7. LFW: Writing show reports on the go. Tired face kicking in!
8. Dressed like an extra from the Jungle Book tonight.
9. Well. Boom. There I am in Company Magazine.
10. Nicola being a babe at crazy-o-clock a.m.
11. Opium London.
12. I’ve caught it. Moschino Cheap & Chic fever.

Vines from the week (click to watch!):
Buttercup cupcake for ya.
Ghost train.
Getting dressed…alot.
Izabel London dress. Prints attract.
Private cinema for Valentine’s Day at the W Hotel.
The finale of KTZ.
Nothing makes me happier than new stationery.
Outfit details.
Have the private bar at One Aldwych to myself for a little work break.
Hanging out at The Aptmt with John Frieda.

Week in Photos
Instagram (@lelalondon) – left to right, top to bottom:
1. Word to ya mutha. SO EXCITED FOR THE APTMT.
2. Night, Twitter/Instagram/Internets.
3. Hometown glory. #London.
4. This week’s Food For Thought at (read the full article here!)
5. ‘Dial M for Murder’ face.
6. Moleskine: organising is the spice of life.
7. Considering my Tesco-owned reservations, H+H did not disappoint.
8. Best friend Internet date. Only collar-wearers allowed.

Vines from the week (click to watch!):
Dancing LUSH lips.
Waffles is out for the count.
How To Make Coffee.
The goddesses of ‘no makeup’ makeup.
Casual fashion dance-off at River Island.
A very girly OOTD.

Instagram Vine
Instagram (@lelalondon) – left to right, top to bottom:
1. Sideways works.
2. We found this bear on the side of the road. We’re naming him Waffles.
3. Addicted to Vine.
4. The last – and best – macaron.
5. Well, I never. More macarons.
6. He often pretends to be a cat/owl/human.
7. Absolutely addicted to Coco Cafe.
8. Rather opulent bar hopping for my latest Food for Thought column.
9. A super windswept fotd.

And, of course, I’ve jumped on the Vine bandwagon. Though I have a few niggles with the much-buzzed-about app, I feel that because it is so supremely easy to use – yet a creative and stop motion haven – Vine is going to find itself getting Instagram-esque traction as soon as the social sharing kinks get worked out.

Vines from the week (click to watch!):
Predicting the future.
The babes have had a spa day. (Cuteness award).
Dinner for you. Dinner for me.
Finishing 12 hours of writing with a little Pitch Perfect.
All nighter that started at Spice Market.
Three hour lunch in 6 seconds. Love you, Tom Aikens.
Meetings with Laduree macarons. It literally gets no better.
Cutting my hair.