June 27, 2013

Girl’s Night In: Pinterest Style

girls night in
Though I seem to have less of them than I would like, I am a big fan of a Girl’s Night In (Deliverance and movie marathons are a personal favourite). It doesn’t really surprise me that, when compared to a Girl’s Night Out, 80% of ladies said a night in with the girls was best for having a laugh.

Feeling inspired, I took to Pinterest today hoping to collect inspiration and plan a few future Girl’s Night In extravaganzas:

Pinterest ideas for a Girl’s Night In

girls night in
A Girl’s Night In with Southern Hospitality

girls night in 2
A selection of crafts for a Girl’s Night In

game night
Girl’s Night In meets Game Night

girls night girls dinner
Girl’s Night meets Girl’s Dinner: Pizza Party Style

bridesmaids movie party
The Bridesmaids Movie Viewing Party: The Ultimate Girl’s Night

Which is your favourite idea for a Girl’s Night In?

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