June 7, 2014


citizen watch review
I have a few OCD tendencies. Ones that tend to reveal themselves to me through the eyes of people I get close to.

One of the ‘few’ recently brought to my attention is a slightly unreasonable addiction to time tracking. Personal time tracking, professional time tracking…even tracking the by-the-minute progress from one destination to another (and thus becoming genuinely unsettled when something interferes and makes myself or anyone else late).

Taking solace in the lie/thought that this is rather normal, the last month (the busiest month of my life to date) has earned itself a treat: this incredibly beautiful timepiece from Citizen Drive‘s TTG Family (part of Citizen Eco Drive). Because if you’re going to track time, you’re going to have to do it as stylishly as you possible can.

More beautiful than its model name would suggest, the FE1112-06E is a delicate grouping of gold, Swarovski crystals, stainless steel, and black satin.

It’s making the crazy just that little bit easier to handle.

citizen watch 1

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