February 10, 2016

Beauty Favourites – February 2016

beauty favourites
Hot Chocolate Wax at Pamper Rooms
After a waxing ordeal that deserves a Carrie Bradshaw-style column of its very own, I sat down with a number of lady friends to reassess my choice in waxing professionals. All signs pointed to Lycon Hot Chocolate Wax so I booked into Pamper Rooms to trial it for the first time. Long, TMI story short? I am a total convert. The chocolate wax is perfect for sensitive skin, intimate areas, and generally making a painful experience feel like a spa treatment. Pamper Rooms have the most incredibly lovely staff, super-boujis treatment rooms, and are discreetly but conveniently located in the lower levels of Shoreditch’s Celestine Eleven boutique.┬áTalk about getting pleasure out of pain.

Perricone MD Nutritive Cleanser & Eye Lift
At the beginning of the year I switched back to a former cleanser favourite – the aforementioned – and should have done so sooner. The facial wash and makeup remover is as gentle as it gets, yet delivers substantial anti-ageing benefits thanks to the addition of DMAE and Alpha Lipoic (both aid in brighter, smoother, and more balanced skin).

A throwback love affair browse also turned me on to the brand’s High Potency Eye Lift – an intensive eye treatment – which has already knocked a good five years off my eyes. Though I have no deep wrinkles, I do notice fine lines creeping in every now and then (especially if I am dehydrated) so have found this liquid gel an absolute lifesaver. Dr. Perricone’s had used Pycnogenol (boosts elasticity/tightness) and his patented anti-ageing ingredients (DMAE and Phospholipids) to invent a practically perfect cocktail for the eye area. Wrinkles, bags, and circles – be warned!

Redken One United Multi-Benefit Treatment
I was very dubious to try One United as its packaging rambles on – a bit maniacally – about having “25 benefits!”. Recipe for a gimmick, if experience has taught me anything. Thankfully, and marketing aside, it is a fantastic product. The multi-benefit spray does everything you could desire post-hair wash (detangles, softens, heat protects) and keeps my recently-coloured hair silky and manageable. A judgemental thumbs up.

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