April 16, 2017

Easter, Lent, and the Power to Change

happy easter
Happy Easter, religious and non-religious chocolate egg lovers alike! As you may remember, I gave up negative thoughts, meat at home, and “almost” doing things roughly one month ago for Lent. With surprisingly great success.

It all flourished from my decision to take part in Christian Aid’s Give it up for Lent campaign. Which, truth be told, has not been a cakewalk. I have come away from this with, more than anything, the realisation that I am incredibly hard on myself. That most of my “negative thoughts” come from internal pressures that play no part in my actual or desired opinion of myself.

Thank Lent for that. I have come out the other side of my fasting experiment happier, healthier, and embracing every part of myself and the world around me in a way that is not only positive but beneficial.

With the charity continuing their efforts to end poverty, fight gender inequality, and responding to emergencies (all of which contribute to poverty), I have made the campaign-free vow to refuse the things I have given up for well beyond the forty days pledged.

Do continue to contribute to Christian Aid’s wonderful work if you can. Financially or personally – every little counts!

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