legally blonde
This is one of “those” dresses. The ones that sit in our closet and stare us down when we don’t feel confident enough to wear them (yay, womanhood). Which is always.

It’s bright. It’s tight (with beautiful draping at the top). And confident as I am, all of that paired with curves and blonde made me feel a little more Elle Woods than my own ridiculous standards of professional decorum would allow.

But I packed it for Florida. I packed it because I gave up negative thoughts and almost doing things. I packed it because pink is my secret power colour.

After all, what is the point in doing hundreds of squats a week if I’m not going to take the results out in a hot pink dress?

Grab your own versions of “those” dresses and get them out this weekend. You won’t regret it.

What I Wore:
Hot pink Ralph Lauren dress (similar here)
Gold flip-flops from Badgley Mischka

legally blonde
legally blonde
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cheap flights
Cheap flights can be hard to find. But I am happy to report I’ve got the search down to an art. As a travel blogger who travels as much on my own dime as someone else’s, I am always looking for the best of the best for the lowest price possible. After all, mo’ money mo’ travels, right?

Naturally, I end up helping most of my friends book flights for their own adventures and – as a massive advocate for a life well-travelled – I love doing so.

So why not do the same for you? I have been taking some incredibly cheap flights (many of which have been on my favourite airline) over the last couple of years and now feel fully prepared to share how you can book your cheapest flights…ever.

Get Miles Every Time You Buy Anything
Want to go to America for under £200? I’ve got you covered. Last year, I formed an unlikely interest in airline credit cards as a woman who doesn’t even use a “normal” credit card. Essentially, I have never liked the idea of spending what I don’t have.

And I still don’t. But I use my Virgin Atlantic Credit Card every day. For everything.

Why? The card connects to Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club and by simply making one purchase in the first three months of owning the card, you can earn up to 18,500 miles. There are two options for the card (White and Black) depending on the privileges you would like to receive, but the completely free White option will still earn you 1 mile for every £1 you spend.

The result? Incredibly cheap mile-supported trips to LA, Vegas, and more in the last year alone. Even while I “pay off” the card at the end of each week (therefore incurring no fees).

Sign up to get your bonus miles and start flying!

Be Airline Specific
Especially if you’re flying to a location or continent best served by a small handful. In general, you want to sign up to their dreaded “lists”*, Clubs, and check the almost omnipotent “Flight Deals” part of your chosen airline’s website as they change depending on flight fill and low seasons.

Personally, Qatar Airways is my go-to airline for anything on the East side of this wonderfully wide world. Their business class, as you may remember, is unparalleled and their Privilege Club not only accrues “Qmiles” for three years at a time (great for infrequent travel) but offers lounge access at certain tiers – even if you’re not flying Business!

* I have a separate airline-friendly e-mail address so I don’t have to deal with the deals when I’m not looking for flights.

Check Google Flights
I’ve used a lot of flight aggregators in my time and I have to say Google’s recent addition to their portfolio my absolutely favourite. As well as being great for speed-locating cheap tickets for chosen destinations, they allow you to “Discover Destinations” if you have a rough date in mind but no idea where to go; you can narrow searches by everything from interests to continent!

Best of all? You can track prices if you think you’ve found the best flight but you’re not ready to buy. In my experiences, flight prices can drop and raise upwards of £100 in the space of a few days. Getting e-mail alerts on the patterns means you know exactly when to strike.

If you have any further questions, feel free to pick my brain on social (@lelalondon on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook). Otherwise, have the best (and cheapest) trip ever!

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rossopomodoro london 1
Sunshine is to London what I am to sitting still.

Even rarer? Having my camera in tow on a sun-soaked day where my schedule allows me to sit still for once.

With Rossopomodoro right around the corner as the stars aligned, a spontaneous lunch feast seemed too timely to pass up.

I had never been to any of the Italian chain’s British outposts, but my discerning Turin-raised confidante had sung their praises enough to promise much more than wannabe pizzas.

Clinking a duo of Aperol Spritz-filled glasses over menus far larger than expected, we settled on a selection of dishes to make up my perfect Italian meal. To start, my undying love (Burrata) served on a whole-wheat focaccia with sliced tomatoes & grilled vegetables alongside a selection of Napolitan street food; Calamari e Zucchine (fried calamari & fried courgettes zeppole with a lemon dressing) and Arancini (rice balls with tomato, mozzarella, beef, peas and basil).

I was impressed, to say the least. Making the choice for all their ingredients to come from Campania-based
producers may up the costs for them, but the consumer prices are as affordable as food of this quality gets.

As each restaurant’s expert Neapolitan pizzaiuoli prepare their dough daily (slow-matured to make the pizzas light, full of flavour and easy to digest), we couldn’t leave without trying one so paired a gargantuan salad with The “Massese” – plum tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy spianata salami and basil atop the aforementioned dough.

For a woman that only learned to like pizza in the last few years, it is endorsement and a half to say I’m already looking forward to the next…

rossopomodoro london 4
rossopomodoro london 1
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dirty bones london
Get ready for a super sexy weekend feast, London friends; I am about to introduce you to the Queen of All-American brunches.

The weekend before returning to the US I had managed to whip myself into full-force stars and stripes mode, thus deciding the best way to cure Saturday’s hangover was to take my similarly fragile brunch date to Shoreditch for Dirty Bones‘ New York-style comfort food.

Dirty Bones – all heigh ceilings, casual elegance and cool kid vibes – is brunch goals epitomised. Starting with spiked iced coffees (triple espresso, Courvoisier VSOP cognac, Mozart Dry Chocolate spirit
& cream), we decided to split an order of Avocado “Shoreditch” Crumpets (toasted with umami butter, poached eggs, hollandaise, avocado & garlic guacamole, and Sriracha hot sauce) while we made the intensely difficult choices between brunch mains.

While my date opted for the short rib hash (14 hour slow-cooked pulled short rib finished with caramelised shallots, mustard seeds, potatoes & two sunny side-up eggs) I couldn’t refuse my pervasive Stateside fave: chicken & waffle.

As I no longer eat meat at home, I was hesitant to select chicken – in all its basic glory – as the heart of my meal out but could not have been more pleased with the waffle-topped result. Their free range chicken is 6 hour brined and 6 hour sous-vide cooked for extra tenderness and flavour. So much so I took a under-crust photo for proof, below, between maple syrup-dipped mouthgasms. (Not that our shared just-in-case crispy candied bacon was left behind…)

Stupidly, we planned to share Dirty Bones’ matcha custard french toast for dessert but were convinced otherwise by very full and happy bellies. Bookmarking the dis for my return trip, I settled for a dirty Chai (just the way it should be) while my companion swooned his way through a Butter Baby milkshake – creamy butterscotch, vanilla ice cream, milk, and a shot of Ketel One.

That’s what you call recovery food.

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dirty bones london 7
dirty bones london
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firezza london
The Pizza Gods at Firezza embody everything I love about the food industry in London; quality flavour-focused ingredients, convenience, affordability, and good vibes. When I was asked to collaborate and experience their food and drink offerings prior to their new restaurant launch in Dean Street, I could hardly refuse.

The restaurant – which opens to the public April 12th – is the brand’s first fully-fledged restaurant and is set to showcase their “proper” by-the-metre pizza in true Soho style. They’ve even revamped their “Patate (fire-roasted sliced potato with creamy Taleggio cheese, mozzarella, fresh cream & red onion)pizza and offer gluten-free & vegan options to cater to the everyman.

My personal favourites include their hand-stretched and fire-baked Porcini Di Bosco pizza (white pizza with wild porcini mushrooms, fresh field mushrooms, Tartufata/truffle cream, Taleggio, mozzarella, Gran Milano shavings, cream & tarragon), Stone Brewing Craft Beer, and absolutely perfect cannoli (the chocolate chip version is, to be honest, kryptonite).

For the price point (pizzas start at £6), Firezza have done a commendable job not only hunting high and low for the best ingredients available (they fly Buffalo Mozzarella D.O.P. 1300 miles direct from Italy) but striving for a social space to enjoy fuss-free food and drink. I have even created a fist-pumping playlist for their restaurant to help them do so (which you can preview on Spotify here)!

Do your tum a favour and schedule in a Dean Street pizza party excursion with your nearest and dearest.

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