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Having made it all the way through breakfast with tresses unfit for the Chelsea set, we continued our Princess Day Off with a very necessary trip to SHOW Dry in Westbourne Grove.

The whole day was about unapologetic luxury. What says unapologetic luxury like a salon owned by Tamara Ecclestone?

Handed off to our individual stylists, we were taken downstairs to sink into their fully-fledged massage chairs while being shampooed, conditioned, and altogether coerced into an indulgent silence.

Once pulled out from said chairs, we were taken upstairs to choose our desired blow dries (for me, it’s always voluminous ‘Red Carpet’ curls), order a few nibbles, and flip through their iPadded collection of magazines.

Sipping my popcorn and green juice (a novelty duo that could never wear off) between the digital pages of Red, I was in heaven.

Of course, the hair played a big part. Looking like high-end fragrance bottles, the SHOW Beauty haircare products were presented to me – gilded in gold – and personalised for my hair type and style:
– To keep everything shiny, hydrated and healthy? The Pure Treatment Oil (as silky strong as they come),
– To create volume and bounce? The Divine Thickening Lotion (not only thickens, but it packed with proteins and antioxidants to plump and protect every strand),
– To act like heat styling never happened? The Sheer Thermal Protect (a specialised complex of hydrolysed wheat protein which is activated my heat and smells like a holiday).

Less than one hour later, we left with two brilliantly bouncy blow-dries. The proof is in the hair whip (as you can see, below).

show beauty show dry
show beauty show dry
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From one week to the next, I chopped off a good two feet of hair. I was well-planned (and well-tired of a cumbersome mane) but petrified.

Thanks to Andrew Jose and his gorgeous turquoise-haired colourist, petrified turned into maniacally elated. My hair has genuinely never looked so good.

Starting with my messy ginger ombre and no idea how much I was willing to cut off, I made my way to Andrew’s lovely little salon on Charlotte Street with delirious determination. The kind of determination post-breakup brains tend to lead to hair salons. A change! I’m making a change!

After a consultation (lifestyle, hair condition, et al), a full head of tailored, “expensive-looking” highlights were carefully foiled into my tresses and left to transform while I drank lattes and read magazines.

That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

After being processed and pampered with the best recovery treatments from Salon Science (Andrew is their ambassador), I threw my hands up to the celebrated Mr. Jose and let him and his scissors loose on my hair.

As you can see, the cut and colour is a dream. Both feel light, bright, and me. We went as light as we could in one process while keeping the hair healthy. Currently, the colour is a fresh blonde that looks very pale in the sun, which I adore. I have decided to do the same again for my next appointment (when my hair has had some breathing time) to get that pale, multitonal platinum hue full-time.

A week on, I am in love with both Andrew Jose and his Salon Science products. When faced with big changes, there is a lot of weight put on a stylist’s shoulders and he and his products accepted the challenge and created a head of dream hair (without damage to both hair or ego). Actual hair magic, that is

blonde hair makeover
blonde hair makeover
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going blonde

I’ve gone blonde. Some would say from brunette to blonde, but realistically I’ve gone from ginger to blonde. With a bit of ginger left in. A blonde balayage, to be specific.

Though I hadn’t been blonde for a good number of years, scrolling the socially-shared images of Gro London instinctively dared me to make a colour change (you have to look at their rainbow hair work). On top of that their six salons are all situated in the suburbs of London – the Hamsptead location being a convenient walk around the corner from my best friend’s house in Finchley Road.

From the second I made my appointment with Serafina, I experienced a level of customer service that echoed through my entire visit. Before going in, we exchanged a few inspirational images (thank you, Pinterest) and discussed the current state of my hair so we both knew exactly what to expect when appointment day arrived.

And because looking at hair is so much more interesting than talking about it, I filmed the entire experience to share with you in the vlog below. As you’ll see from the video, the experience went perfectly from start to finish; from proper discussions and colour examples to complimentary lattes and the most welcoming environment you could expect, I wouldn’t change a thing. It also doesn’t hurt that the blonde balayage is bangin’.

From this point, I’ll probably go a little bit blonder once my hair recovers from the lightening process (though, to be fair, a mix of Oribe and coconut oil has left me with no breakage or problems since the first home wash).

Stay tuned for more Gro London adventures at The 02 Centre

muse of london
Ater using some at-home hair colour treatments for a few months, it seemed as good a time as ever to make my first trip to Muse of London; a concept salon from colour genius Jason Cocking (he’s tended to the tresses of the Olsen stwins, Nigella Lawson, and many more hair goddesses).

I was stoked. And a tad late (eye surgery and London street signs are a hellish cocktail), so called to say I would be ten minutes behind.

Rushing in, I realised that the last time I was in the building was when it played home to the Lisa Shepherd salon. Same set-up, same waiting area; it was like I had stepped in the Twilight Zone for a second.

With a complimentary latte and a chair to chat to Jason in, we briefly discussed my hair hopes (a light and muti-dimensional ginger) before getting straight to the dye process.

Roughly twenty minutes later, I was taken to the hair sinks, processed and washed. When Jason came to look at the colour, I was informed he also didn’t have time for a blow dry but would rough dry my hair so I didn’t have to leave with a wet mane.

I’m not sure if it was because of my ten-minute delay (which I apologised to virtually every staff member for), but the service seemed quite impersonal and rushed.

The kicker? I adore my hair colour.Depending on the lighting, my hair looks everything from auburn, to strawberry blonde, to red (those photos were only taken two days apart). Though I felt the salon experience had room for improvement, the colour skills are undeniable.

In comparison to my other salon experiences, I would recommend Muse of London to anyone in the market for superior colour services, but would have to have a better overall experience to recommend it as a general salon stop. Fingers crossed for beginner’s bumps!

muse of london
muse of london
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inanch london
Inanch London is no secret to the city’s beauty lovers. Inanch Emir – the founder, obvs – is London’s most celebrated hair extensionist, and when I was invited to check out her salon’s latest pamper package I knew my hair was in for a treat.

The Inanch Pamper Package‘ is an ideal Christmas gift, including a welcome glass of champagne, a mist hair treatment, a salon blow dry, a signature manicure, and a gift bag of shampoo and conditioner to suit your hair type…all for only £100. Though my entire appointment was a dream, I truly fell in love with their take on the mist hair treatment. While relaxing in their rather serene and sensual shampoo room, your hair is washed and coated in a conditioning treatment before being wrapped in a mist machine. While the heat penetrates everything cased in the mist machine, it pushes the treatment into the hair follicle further and faster. The result? Ridiculously smooth hair (even when bleached the previous week) that lasts and lasts.

While being blow-dried and tonged to bouncy perfection by Ivan, Silvia gave me a Middleton-esque nude manicure which – seven days later – is still going strong.

Vouchers for Inanch’s Pamper Package can be purchased now, redeemed from January 2014 onwards, and I can’t recommend them enough.

inanch london
inanch london
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