The Dress Inspiration Binge

This has been a very exciting week. Though I can’t divulge all the details just yet, I’ve been invited to embark on an amazing collaboration with an even more amazing designer and, naturally, have gone absolutely mental in preparation.

Without giving too much away, I can let you know that I’ve been burning my eyes out researching dresses. And thus trying not to buy dresses. It all started when I found Vashi’s iconic wedding dress infographic (I’ve included a small clip from it below but encourage you to peruse the full thing – it’s fascinating!). Wedding dresses are most women’s most extravagant sartorial purchase of their life which makes them an excellent source of design inspiration. Elizabeth Taylor’s many wedding dresses, alone!

Of course, I also went down the ‘cutesy structured dress’ route I so often fall prey to. You can shop those babies below.

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Blue jacquare dress from Opening Ceremony
Black strappy backless dress from Romwe
Pencil cage dress from Mary Katrantzou
Pink crepe dress from Valentino
White wrap dress from Goodnight Macaroon

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In Review: Brunch at Busaba

busaba brunch
Hello, beloved readers. Brunch addict here again. This time…a little spicier.

I am an unapologetic creature of habit almost every weekend; come 11am, the craving for avocado and eggs hits and I flitter across the city to try one of my most recent brunch recommendations.

Occasionally, I break the mould and come out on top. This is what happened at Busaba Eathai.

Busaba recently launched brunch at their Shoreditch and newly refurbished Kingston Riverside sites (available from 10am to 3pm) and my lust for both thai food and indulgent brunches Spidey-sensed a potential win.

As you know, if it is on this blog it is most certainly a win. After ordering two Koh Samuis (made with coconut, carrot, and orange juice), my hungry companion and I ordered up a storm; coconut multi-grain porridge (served with sliced banana, ginger-spiced pineapple and chilli), baked eggs with spicy minced beef (a spicy melange of minced beef, red chilli, garlic, mushroom, cherry tomato, and eggs served with char-grilled toast), and Pad Thai with coconut rice (because I couldn’t help but suggesting it to my companion, Busaba Virgin).

Surrounded by what I assume is the the sole collection of palm trees in Shoreditch, I could not imagine a better place to spend a spicy Saturday or Sunday. Especially for recovery purposes (ahem).

busaba brunch
busaba brunch
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Area Guide – Haggerston, London

A week into house-hunting and I’ve already lost my mind. Somehow my search has evolved from ‘a room as Central and spacious as possible’ to ‘my dream home in Haggerston‘.

I fell in love with the Haggerston community a few months ago and stumbled upon the Skyline Collection when dream-scouting the local properties for sale. I now have complete realtylust; panoramic floor to ceiling windows, walk-in closets, a garden terrace – it truly is a perfect London property (and, of course, the collection only has two apartments left for grabs).

Having now wandered the area a number of times I feel we are on familiar terms, so thought it was time I shared a little Haggerston love…

What to Do in Haggerston

Broadway Market – Running from London Fields to Regent’s Canal every Saturday, Broadway Market is one of the coolest markets in London. There is an endless array or stalls to peruse (food, fashion ‘n’ them some) and some of the most affordable and delicious produce you can find. (Side note: A trip to Dove – a Belgian beer powerhouse – is well worth a visit if that’s your bag,)

Passing Clouds – It’s a bit of a music venue-cum-cultural project which acts as the home to any and every kind of event you can dream up (my highlight has to be the cosmic healing nights).

Rosemary Branch – What was once a Victorian music hall is now an award-winning pub with a theatre attached. The legend suggests greats such as Charlie Chaplin performed in the space, but you’ll find a glorious mix of off-West End talent performing there today.

Of course, you’re going to develop an appetite and need to know…

Where to Eat in Haggerston

Duke’s Brew & Que – These guys take American Barbecue seriously, and it shows. Their shortcut-free low and slow ribs can make an addict out of anyone.

Tonkotsu East – I am a sucker for ramen and Tonkotsu’s is some of the best; their flour for the ramen noodles is specially sourced from a mill in Oxfordshire, the ‘secret recipe’ noodles are made on site, and the pork stock is marinated for eighteen hours. Comfort noms.

A Little of What You Fancy – It’s a cult hipster fave for a reason. The no-frills restau offers up a creative and ever-changing menu at breakfast, lunch and dinner that will cater to any craving.

Where to live in Haggerston

Like I already mentioned, there’s a great new development in between Hoxton and Haggerston called The Skyline. One thing I love about the three bed apartments (a rarity in the city!) is that they have their own outdoor space perfect for entertaining friends or throwing together a lazy brunch in the sun. (There are only two apartments left so you’ll have to act pretty quickly if you’re interested!)

The Weekend Wonder – Aristotle

aristotle quote

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

What I Wore – Days of Summer

yumi dress
The folks at Yumi know I am sartorially sunshine-y individual, so invited me to be part of their 30 Days of Summer campaign… in the mood to watch a Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie…

…and style up some seasonal favourites. Based around my discovery of their pineapple-accented wallet (doubles up as a statement ID/money clutch), I put together some complimentary prints – et voila; a look that can take you from work to weddings and everything in between.

What I Wore:
Trees and bluebells printed dress
Pointed toe bow stilettos
Tropical print wallet

yumi dress
yumi dress