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moon cats fashion blogger
Recovering from a major eye surgery has been…inconvenient. Without the ‘practcal’ use of my eyes, I have been heavily reliant on my other senses – touch, in particular.

My puppy* and my cape have made the world a very happy place. As sensegasms go, the cape (pictured above) feels like a warm hug and looks like a dream; bohemian fashion in its chicest form. For once, I am actually hoping scarf season lasts as long as possible.

* More on the furry friend in a future blog post.

What I Wore:
Blue Velvet cape from Moon Cats
Vintage blue piped dress
My trusty Sargossa heels

moon cats fashion blogger
moon cats fashion blogger

In Review: Foxcroft and Ginger, London

foxcroft and ginger london
Having spent so many years parading around the foodie haunts of London, it is surprising how often great little cafes blur into the backdrop of busy commutes and meeting-hops. My latest not-so-hidden discovery? Foxcroft & Ginger on Berwick Street. A – dare I say it – hipster paradise.

In between beanies and bedheads, F&G’s small Soho space is overrun with chopping boards of ‘tortilla chips and…'; burgers, sandwiches, salads, et al. For the partner and I’s lunchtime trial, we opted for shared bites of the Sticky Duck Burger (a moreish mix of chutney and chilli) and Foxcroft & Ginger’s Chicken Burger (while the menu tantalised with kimchi, citrus mayo and cheddar, the restaurant’s choice of chicken patty over chicken breast left both of us cold).

I have yet to meet a chicken patty that doesn’t remind me of eating rubber.

With a stellar duck burger and latte already consumed, we chose to forgive the chicken misstep and carry on towards some cheeky midday desserts. For the gentleman? A bitter chocolate brownie. And the lady? The best carrot cake I could dream of. Fluffy and flavourful in a way that every failed attempt of my own wishes it could achieve.

Avoid the chicken burger and Foxcroft & Ginger might just become the best lunch of your year.

foxcroft and ginger london
foxcroft and ginger london
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In Review: The Oil Can Cafe at The Carding Shed, Holmfirth

oil can cafe carding shed
As a vintage lover, my little perusals around West Yorkshire have proved to be explorations of high reward. This past weekend, the Manfriend and I sat-navved our way through Hepworth with the hope of arriving at the reclaimed warehouse that now serves the public as The Carding Shed.

From floor to ceiling, The Carding Shed is a pandora’s box of vintage motors and memorabilia;it may only be a wanton step into bygone days for me but it is a trip (or literal drive) down memory lane for many of its patrons. A mesmerising oasis for anyone with a penchant for retro wonders. So mesmerising, in fact, that it took me two hours to notice the vintage clothing shops – e High Society Vintage Clothing and Retro Shed – nestled in its sidelines.

Decidedly, our distraction for the day was food and automobiles. The latter resulting in a lusty affair with a scorpion-topped 1969 Fiat 850 Abarth. The former providing a chance to settle in and appreciate the atmosphere, but not much more.

Though we initially set out to enjoy the Oil Can Cafe’s afternoon tea, we were quickly deterred by a singular ‘festive’ afternoon tea option (far too rich-sounding for our tastes) and a list of £7-ish sandwiches, therefore opting for a cream tea (tea or coffee with a scone, cream, and jam) and a cheese & pickle sandwich to share.

The scones took fifteen minutes to arrive, were cold and tough, and arrived an additional fifteen minutes prior to a sandwich plate that warranted no more than two minutes to put together. The value comes in the sandwich’s size and sides (coleslaw, potato salad) with the choice of ‘build your own’ pickle jars, but did not warrant such a wait.

Now, I refuse to write a dishonest word and try to avoid less-than-wow reviews, so while it pains me to not be able to give The Oil Can Cafe the highest praises, I am hoping the gastronomy and service were hiccups that will improve with time and support.

On my inevitable return to The Carding Shed, I will simply settle for a china teacupped coffee, homemade cake, and exuberant use of my credit card.

oil can cafe carding shed
oil can cafe carding shed 5
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The NYE Conundrum (Win a £50 Anthropologie gift card!)

Anthropologie Staying In
In the grand ‘staying in’ versus ‘going out’ debate, I am always surprised by the lack of compromise between the two types of New Year’s Eve celebrations. As a woman who likes to have my cake and eat it, when Anthropologie asked me what kind of NYE I’d be having, a quick browse of their cosy accessories did all the work for me: I’ll be staying in, but forgoing the cliched habit of falling asleep in front of the television after one too many glasses of sparkles for something a little more special.

Dear readers, this is the year to stay in and throw yourself a New Year’s Party (no skyscraper heels or overpriced cocktails allowed). Instead of the ‘night out’ norm, invite a few of your nearest and dearest for a luxury night in and cater your space with simple, beautiful decorations; throws, balloons, candles, slippers, robes and champagne, natch.

In my opinion, no party or New Year’s event can hold a candle to an intimate celebration away from pre-booked taxi chaos and a sea of sloshed strangers.

If you’re on the same wavelength, you’ll be happy to hear that – in collaboration with this post – Anthropologie have provided me with a £50 gift card to give away to one lucky reader!

How To Win a £50 Anthropologie Gift Card:

Simply follow Lela London on Bloglovin’ and tag a friend who you’d like to spend New Year’s with in the comments section of this Facebook update (click here).

Competition will end December 21st, 2014 when the winner will be announced on Facebook!

Pictured above:
Mohair Fringe Throw
Second Female Dipty Dress
Embroidered Soft Robe
Lilka Beaded Moccasin Slides
Wishbone Bottle Opener
Mercury Moonglow Candle
(all Anthropologie)

new years eve decorations

The Weekend Wonder – Mike Dooley

kindness quote

“Sometimes, in hindsight, it may seem that your prior kindnesses were for naught, and that in the end, they were too high a price to pay for the pains you’ve endured. That is, of course, until you get a little further into the future, when the pendulum has been allowed its full swing, and all the seeds you’ve sown have begun blooming in more gardens than you ever knew existed.”
Mike Dooley